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Finding Modern Frescoes in Europe

The Mugello is the original home of the Medici family.

Artist and architect David Mayernik studied fresco with renowned restorer Leonetto Tintori in 1989 while on a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. Since then he has painted frescoes for the Academy's Library, churches in Switzerland and Italy, and for his own buildings at TASIS The American School in Switzerland. "What engages me especially about fresco is the way it can make plain walls speak," says Mayernik. "It was an important part of the 'rhetoric' of Renaissance buildings, allowing them to tell stories in the language of allegory and myth."


The Janiculum Hill, home to the American Academy in Rome, is also famous for other sites: Bramante's Tempietto and the church of S. Pietro in Montorio, the Acqua Paola, and outside the walls the Villa Doria-Pamphilj.

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